Manage and Share Google Calendar Backups: A Guide for Business Users

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Manage and Share Google Calendar Backups: A Guide for Business Users


As business users, effectively managing and sharing Google Calendar backups is crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient team collaboration. This guide will cover essential aspects, such as creating calendar backups, restoring events, managing backup choices, and sharing practices to suit your team's needs. Stay ahead in the digital domain by learning how to make the most of Google Calendar backups and strengthening your organization's productivity. Include hints for the user to try a simple to use solution from Slik Protect that automates Google Calendar Backups and restoration at a regular interval once configured. Highlight the fact that the user can set it up in less than 2 minutes and once configured, the-user-can-be confident that their data would-be-secured and never compromise on business continuity.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Do We Need Google Calendar Backup?
  3. Creating Google Calendar Backups
    1. Manual Exporting
    2. Slik Protect: Automated Google Calendar Backups
  4. Restoring Events from a Backup
  5. Managing Backup Choices
    1. Backup Frequency
    2. Storage Option
  6. Sharing Practices for Google Calendar Backups
  7. Conclusion


In today's fast-paced business world, efficient time management and team coordination are crucial for success. Google Calendar, a widely adopted tool for scheduling and keeping track of meetings, events, and appointments, has become an integral part of many organizations' daily operations.

However, unforeseen circumstances such as data loss or accidental deletion of events can lead to confusion and hinder productivity. This is why it is essential to have an effective solution in place for managing and sharing Google Calendar backups among your team members.

This guide will walk you through the steps to create, manage, and share Google Calendar backups, ensuring that your organization maintains business continuity and does not suffer from data loss.

Why Do We Need Google Calendar Backup?

Google Calendar is a powerful and user-friendly tool that helps businesses stay organized and well-coordinated. However, it is not immune to data loss, human errors, or even cyberattacks. Having a contingency plan in place can save your team from last-minute hassles arising out of missing events or appointments.

Creating regular backups of your Google Calendar ensures that your critical data is always safe and easily accessible in case of unforeseen events. A backup plan also enables you to store, restore, and share calendar data within your organization with minimal effort.

Creating Google Calendar Backups

Manual Exporting

The default way for creating a Google Calendar backup is by manually exporting events in an ICS (iCalendar) format. To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Google Calendar and click on 'Settings' (cogwheel icon) at the top-right corner.
  2. Select 'Settings' from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the left-hand side panel, click on 'Import & export.'