Top Features of Firestore Backups

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Slik Protect
Slik Protect

Firestore Backups

Backup your entire project at a regular cadence to protect you..

Firestore Collections
All Collections Backup
Partial Backups
Backup selected collections only
Multiple Backups
Region based backups
Unlimited Backup Cloud Storage
Custom backup schedule
Configure hourly, daily, weekly, monthly frequency for any backup window
Backup on demand
Option to backup emails only once whenever required
Uniform pricing for any region backup
Backup database in any region without any difference in pricing
Ability to pause backups any time
Pause backup for selected Firestore database
Unlimited Retention
30 day retention Coming Soon
Multiple restore
Full Restore to same project
Full Restore to different project
Selected Collections restore to same project
Restore selected collections to the same project
Selected Collections restore to different project
Restore selected collections to a different cluster
Merge existing collections and backed up collections during restore
Merge collections in current database and the collections in backup
Overwrite backed up collections in original database
Overwrite collections in current database with the backed up records
Unlimited Free Restores
No limit and extra pricing on number of restores
Email Notifications
Slack Notifications
Task Monitoring
Alerts about backup triggers, progress percentage for backups and restores
Dashboard to track progress and backups
Daily Reports
Digest email about daily backups and restores summary Coming Soon
Log Export Coming Soon
Unlimited accounts under 1 portal
Unified Web Console for multiple Firestore accounts
A single dashboard for managing all Firestore backups, check progress, start and pause backups
Multiple region based projects under same account
Unlimited team members
Admin privileges
Trial Period
Pay as you go pricing plan
Pay only for the storage being used by your backups
Capped pricing for startups
Pay a fixed amount every month for a max cap on backup storage
Free Restore
No additional pricing for restores
Immutable Storage
Backups cannot be updated
Backup Wipe Protection
Backups cannot be deleted
Encrypted Credentials
In flight AES-256 Encryption
At rest AES-256 Encryption
SOC 2 Compliance Coming Soon
Email Assistance
Chat Assistance
Phone Assistance Coming Soon
Restore Assistance
Contact us and we can help with restoring your emails in minutes in case of Disaster Recovery